International Summit on School & Higher Education

Date : 2 March 2012
Venue : Epicenter, Apparel House, Sector 44, Gurugram

Inaugural Session - Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education

Information and Communication Technology has for long been a potentially revamping and productive trend for the education sector. The facts reveal that in the education sector, its negatives can be minimized and positive outputs can be amplified. But for long this potential has been clouded with multiple opinions and a dearth of core philosophies and trends. Hence the sole purpose of Concern 2012’s ICT education talk is to bring to the table, prospects and trends of integrating ICT into general educational activities.

Concern 2012 - Higher Education Conference

Since last decade India is being considered and respected as knowledge superpower in the world. This has become more so and an acknowledged fact especially during the recent global economic turmoil and failure of top school products of U.S and Europe who neither could prevent nor manage the deteriorating effect for the globe and their organization. Today people have started realizing that tuning of western professionalism should be with that of eastern value system, mindset and dedication along with re-skilling to manage change keeping people together.